Being a baby sleep consultant is about SO much more than settling methods, nap routines and white noise.

(don’t get us wrong - these are super crucial but that is just the tip of the iceberg).


Meet our team of passionate experts that are teaching you everything you need to know to be the most kick-ass Family Sleep and Wellness Coach you can be.

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Meet Jazz

Jazz Kostov is the Co-Founder of Beyond Sleep School and gets such a thrill seeing parents confidence grow so they can have off-routine days, take trips and see parents fit in the things they love to do while navigating their baby’s sleep needs. That is what life is all about.

Jazz has completed a Bachelor of Nursing, a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery and Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Child Family and Community). Jazz brings a wealth of experience from 10 years working in hospitals as a Midwife in Special Care Nursery, Postnatal, Delivery Suite and General Nurse in orthopaedics, plastics and gynaecologoly and as a MCHN within the community.

She is also the Founder of Lets Sleep - a successful 6 figure Family Sleep & Wellness Coaching Business which she launched in early 2020. Jazz is the Host of The Let's Sleep Podcast and Co-Host of Beyond Biz Podcast. She has been featured by Mamamia in their Baby Sleep audio series.

Her passions outside work include trail running, travel, cooking, reading and exploring local wineries. She is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia with her daughter, hubby, 2 rescue dogs and rescue cat.

Jazz Kostov

IG @lets__sleep

Beyond Biz Podcast

Let’s Sleep Podcast

Meet Amy

Amy is a Mum to 3 little ones, wife to Adam and resides in a coastal village in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She’s the Founder of Little Dreamers and has created her own sleep empire, supporting families worldwide after launching a successful 6 figure Family Sleep & Wellness Coaching Business in 2020. Amy is the Co-Host of Beyond Biz Podcast. Amy’s background as an investigator in the New Zealand Police

(8 years service) brings a holistic approach to supporting families, from all walks of life. In the Police Amy spent a majority of her service on the Family Protection Team as well as student liaisoning recent Police Constable graduates and as a specialist interviewer of witnesses and victims of serious crimes. Amy brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to Beyond Sleep School.

Parenting 3 children (3 under 4!) gave her first hand experience of the need to have quality sleep and ensure the emotional and physical well being of her whole family, whilst running a business.

Amy understands the challenges faced by modern parents and is driven to provide practical solutions that lead to a fulfilling family life and to help you create a thriving business while having more time for your children, and yourself.

Outside of work Amy is an exercise junkie, lover of chocolate and always up for an adventure.

Amy from Little Dreamers 


Beyond Biz Podcast

Meet Meredith

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Meredith Blampied is a clinical psychologist who enjoys working with adults and families to achieve mental wellness and general wellbeing.

Meredith has an interest in the relationship between nutrition and mental health and also enjoys working with clients on aspects of their life including sleep, exercise and hobbies as well as issues with anxiety, mood and stress. She uses a range of evidence-based therapies to help clients find relief from symptoms and to

improve their life situation. Meredith was born in Ōtautahi and  her hobbies include baking, netball and playing board games.

Meredith Anxiety OCD Clinic

[email protected]

Meet Louisa

BA Science (Psych)(Hons) MA Psych (Educational and Developmental)

Louisa Mason provides psychological intervention and therapy to women in the perinatal period and beyond.

Her therapy approach is relational and trauma-informed and is based on an understanding of the importance of attachment relationships. Louisa is influenced by Attachment theory,

Schema, Circle of Security, and CBT in her therapy approach.

Louisa Wattle Psychology

IG: @wattlepsychology

[email protected]

Meet Tessa

Registered Nutritionist & Naturopath

Tessa Scott is a Registered Nutritionist and Naturopath. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition) and an Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy) and currently teaches nutrition at the University of Otago alongside doing private practice work. Her areas of interest are infant and toddler nutrition and women’s health.

Her aim is to provide parents with the skills they need for children to thrive in their early years and create healthy habits for life.

Tessa Scott Nutrition and Wellness

Meet Lexi

General Paediatrician, Educator & Podcast Host

Dr Lexi Frydenberg is a General Paediatrician and Educator who is passionate about children’s health, development and wellbeing.

She has been working in paediatrics for 20 + years and currently splits her clinical time between a large paediatric public hospital and the Victorian Children’s Clinic, a large multidisciplinary private paediatric practice which she co-founded in 2013.

Outside of her clinical work, She is dedicated to educating and informing both the public and healthcare professionals on everything concerning kids’ health and wellbeing. She is the co-host of the Kids Health Information Podcast, a podcast about common child health concerns, and regularly writes articles on parenting websites.

Dr Lexi Frydenberg

IG: @drlexifry

LinkedIn: lexi frydenberg

Meet Joelleen

IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Naturopath, Midwife & Educator, Founder of JWP

Joelleen Winduss Paye is a holistic lactation consultant with over 13 years of experience supporting breastfeeding families. She combines her knowledge of midwifery, naturopathy and IBCLC lactation consulting to help parents feel guided and confident in their breastfeeding journey. As a holistic Lactation Consultant, Joelleen offers consultations at the Maternal Infant Wellbeing clinic in Parkville, in-home visits in most inner-Melbourne suburbs, and virtual consultations worldwide.

Joelleen JWP Care

IG: @jwp.ibclc

FB: @jwp.ibclc

JWP Care Podcast


Linkedin: Joelleen Winduss-Paye

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