Hi! We are Beyond Sleep School Co-Founders 

Jazz Kostov and Amy Wallace.


Together we are your expert sleep educators, certifying Family Sleep and Wellness Coaches worldwide. 

But let’s talk about you  - because that is why we are here!

You have been drawn here for a reason. 

You may have found yourself at a pivot point, at a crossroads where you need a change in direction from your current situation.

Whether there is something in your personal or professional life that no longer serves you, you’ve got that itch and you’re ready for change. 

We get it, change is scary

We both left stable jobs with financial security and a never ending flow of work (hellooo healthcare and law enforcement). 

Our careers no longer served us, priorities had shifted and changed when our little ones came into the world and the ability to manifest the life we so craved was deafening and we were ready to make a move.


Imagine being in control of your schedule, breaking free from the chains of a traditional job that just doesn't light you up anymore

No more sacrificing those special moments with your little ones or feeling like you're stuck on a never-ending work treadmill. 

Imagine waking up every morning, pumped and ready to make a real difference in the lives of families just like yours. No more pulling your hair out because of daycare sickness and rushing out the door in the morning wrangling children for drop off.

As a Certified Family Sleep and Wellness Coach, you'll be part of something amazing, making a meaningful impact every single day.

You'll finally be able to create a balance, in both work and personal life that actually works for you and your family. Be there for your loved ones when they need you, all while building a career that brings you joy, fulfilment allows you to show up for yourself.

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Why should I choose to study with Beyond Sleep School?

We are so glad you asked.

If we didn’t show you our cards, you might mistake us for any other private sleep consulting course out there which will teach you about nap routines and settling methods and not a whole lot else.

BUT we offer you the education you need to feel empowered and confident once you are certified. 

This means there will be no second guessing when supporting your clients. You’ll have all the tools and troubleshooting required to boss any inevitable speedbumps.

We're not your average sleep consulting program. 

Our secret sauce lies in our values and brand.

In fact we knew deep down that ‘sleep consulting’ didn’t sum up the role we have. 

And so ‘Family Sleep and Wellness Coach’ was born. A true reflection of the holistic role we play in supporting families. 

We're all about infusing self-care and family wellness into the sleep journey. Yep, you heard it right. We believe that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those adorable little ones. 

Meet our team

Amy Wallace

Student Liaison

Jazz Kostov

Student Liaison

Jacqueline Brown

Student Liaison

This is bigger than sleep. 

Our purpose? To support you to create a fulfilling, freedom filled career as a Family Sleep and Wellness Coach.

We'll empower you with strategies to assist families to create a predictable yet flexible day routine that allows them to travel, have off-routine days, and fully embrace the joys of family life - without feeling overwhelmed or hesitant to do so.

Learn from the best 

The Beyond Sleep School program is a tight-knit community of passionate experts who believe in making a difference. 

We are collaborating with professionals such as a Lactation Consultant, Perinatal Psychologist, Nutritionist and Clinical Psychologist and Paediatrician to ensure you are educated with up to date, evidence based information with a holistic approach to sleep to help families thrive. 

Meet the expert team

Your true north is your life’s mission to discover your authentic self.
It combines your purpose and your beliefs.

You decide what you value most in life and put that at the forefront, always.

Your true north is unique to you and is a fixed point you can always come back to as you navigate life in all its seasons.

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Sleep consulting certification course and education for those ready to make a BIG difference in the world.