Ready to become a certified Family Sleep & Wellness Coach?

(aka sleep consultant?)

Our program is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of healthy sleep and well-being for families.

We'll guide you through interactive, self paced learning with your very own student liaison and a team of expert educators.

No stuffy classrooms here - our program is 100% online, so you can study whenever and wherever it suits you.

Family Sleep Coach

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Sleep Science
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Feeding
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Sleep from birth to 5 years
  • Medical Redflags
  • Attachment and Behaviour
  • Self care for parents
  • Crying and attachment
  • Settling and Troubleshooting
  • Volunteer Clients
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Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and embark on a rewarding journey of transforming family sleep and promoting overall wellness.

Make an epic impact on the world.

2024 Course Dates

Intake 1

07 Feb - 07 June

Intake 2

08 May - 08 September

Intake 3

07 August - 07 December

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Course Length

The course is designed to be 4 months in duration and there are 3 start dates to choose from in 2024.

Some students may complete the course sooner than others and some may require a bit longer. We are here to support you.

Bonus Inclusions:

Monthly ‘Power Hour’

It offers a face-to-face opportunity for participants to interact with their student liaison and delve into various aspects of the course further.

Overall, the Power Hour plays a crucial role in enhancing learning, fostering engagement, and providing valuable support throughout the certification program. The Power Hour zoom session dates vary across each intake. You can find your course zoom dates within your Kajabi portal.


Connect with your student liaison

You will be assigned a student liaison within a week prior to the course commencement date. They will be there to mark your quizzes, case studies and be a sounding board when you are supporting your volunteer families.


Quizzes, case studies & volunteer clients

There are a few ways you’ll be assessed throughout the course including multiple choice and short answer questions, case studies to build your confidence reading intake forms and writing tailored sleep plans and of course - you’ll be supporting volunteer clients to achieve their unique family sleep goals. The assessments provide you an amazing opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and will kickstart your experience as a Family Sleep and Wellness Coach.


Full ‘Audio Version’ of the Family Sleep and Wellness Student Guide

We wish we had this available when we were studying! The student guide is jam packed with over 250 pages of everything you’ll need to understand sleep, support family wellness and troubleshoot any issues that arise with your clients.

Having a full audio version of the student guide allows you freedom to absorb the content how it suits you. You can listen, absorb and enjoy the program whilst commuting, out for a walk or nap trapped beneath your sleepy baby. How good is that!


BSS Student Facebook Group

The ultimate place to connect with other BSS students (this is exactly how co-founders Amy and Jazz met!). The purpose is to provide connection with other students, is a place to share experiences and ask your fellow students questions. You never know where the connections you make in this group will lead you. You’re welcome to remain in this group even once you are certified.

Course investment

Here is a breakdown of the investment for enrolling in the Family Sleep and Wellness Certification program. You’re able to choose either an upfront or payment plan option.



x1 Payment

*All prices are in AUD

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x4 monthly instalments

*All prices are in AUD

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