How much does a sleep consultant earn?

The demand for sleep consultants has been steadily increasing as families seek professional guidance to overcome sleep-related challenges with their little ones. 

Our modern lifestyles, hectic schedules, and various life stressors have led to families prioritising quality and quantity of sleep for their families.

Becoming a sleep consultant can not only be personally fulfilling but also can be highly lucrative. 

However we get that you’re going to question; is this for you?

Are you good enough?

Will you make enough money to support your family and lifestyle?

Isn’t it a flooded industry?

There are always doubts with change. We had all these same worries. 

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned as to have the life that is waiting for us” - Joseph Campbell

Reasons why becoming a sleep consultant was a no brainer for us:

  • Growing Market: Baby and toddler sleep challenges are so common! More people are seeking specialised assistance to address their sleep challenges within their family.
  • High Value Service: Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being, and people are willing to invest in solutions that can significantly improve their sleep quality. As a skilled sleep consultant, you can provide personalised guidance and support, making your services highly valuable to clients. Without being too cliche - quality sleep is priceless.
  • Flexible Work Options: Being a sleep consultant allows you to work on your terms. You can choose to offer one-on-one consultations, online programs, masterclasses, digital resources or a combination of these approaches, enabling you to design a work schedule that fits your lifestyle. 
  • Continuous Growth: As you gain experience and expertise, your reputation as a trusted sleep consultant will grow, leading to increased referrals and opportunities for collaboration with health professionals and brands with similar target audiences.

The bottom line - co-founders Jazz and Amy both built their companies from the ground up. 

With no prior business experience and very little knowledge on the earning potential; we came at it from different angles. 

For Jazz, coaching was supplementing her midwifery and nursing for the first 18 months before finally resigning from her MCHN and Midwifery roles and diving into her biz exclusively. For Amy, she had pivoted and resigned from the Police whilst pregnant with her 3rd baby, anticipating that coaching would start as a side hustle and top up her family income allowing her to be present with her family. 

Within 2 years both Little Dreamers and Let’s Sleep were thriving and as entrepreneurs we were quickly earning six figures (consistent 10k+ months). 

Our service options have changed, prices have increased due to demand and as referrals and happy clients have flooded in, so too has our expertise and reputation as ‘go-to’ sleep experts.

It’s totally up to you whether you work with 1 family a week, support 30+ families in a group coaching program each month or create online resources that will give you a passive income (with a bit of upfront work). 

The world truly is your oyster, and this will pivot and change as you grow and develop within business.

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